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Sugar Daddy's Favorite Holiday Destinations

What gift do you like best from your sugar daddy? Where do you like to travel with him? What is the surprise you want to get?

How can a place where rich people gather together to count the arrogant proprietor of the Middle East? To put it exaggeratedly, you can cast a net on the street, and you can fish out a dozen millionaires. They are not necessarily on vacation but are building their dreams here. In the 1990s, all beaches in Dubai were developed, and the development encountered a bottleneck. To solve this problem, the "crazy" idea of building an artificial island was proposed. This tens of billions of RMB Atlantis hotel Atlantis the Palm rises from the "sea", and the big-footed Dubai hotel under construction can be described as an extremely luxurious thing. Atlantis the Palm The biggest gimmick is to "become a family entertainment resort with a marine theme."

1. Dubai

Dubai, known as a city of miracles, boasts architectural wonders that defy imagination. It is home to iconic structures such as the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, providing panoramic views of the city and beyond. The Dubai Mall, one of the largest shopping centers globally, offers a lavish shopping experience with a plethora of luxury brands and entertainment options. Moreover, Dubai's innovative spirit extends to its lush green oasis, the Dubai Miracle Garden, featuring a stunning array of floral displays and themed gardens, all flourishing in the midst of the desert landscape. Visitors are captivated by the juxtaposition of this vibrant botanical paradise against the arid surroundings, showcasing Dubai's vision and creativity.


In 2017, Australia was the country that attracted the most high-net-worth immigrants in the world! A total of 10,000 people with a net worth of US$1 million or more have immigrated to Australia. In the past ten years, its economy has developed rapidly, and its total wealth has increased by 83%, compared with 20% in the United States, which is very different from ten years ago. "Many European, American, and Asian companies have opened offices in Australia, which has also prompted some company managers to move to Australia. The wealthy immigrants mainly fancy Australia's sunny lifestyle and perfect medical security system, which are better than the United States and the United Kingdom.

More importantly, Australia’s geographic location has protected it from the impact of refugees from Europe. Therefore, Australia is one of the safest choices for living and raising children. In addition, business advantages are also under consideration by immigration. Australia is the best bridge connecting several emerging market countries, providing great convenience to the rich in their global business.

3.Palm Beach Island

Palm Beach Island is a barrier island located 65 kilometers north of Miami in South Florida. It is close to the Intracoastal Waterway to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. The permanent population of the island is approximately 10,000. There are no business people who work crazily here. Some are white sandy beaches and proud private villas. The people here are refreshed, and life here is beyond the reach of most people.


Anguilla has idyllic beauty and is a favorite place for many celebrities and super-rich people. About 13,000 aboriginal people are living on the island. They mainly rely on tourism for their livelihoods. The residents are very good at keeping the privacy of the guests going there. It is an ideal place for celebrities who pay attention to personal privacy to relax and relax.


When you come to Positano for a vacation and escape, you will never be disappointed. There are the most comfortable and luxurious characteristic hotels, mountain-covered holiday cottages, and enjoy the bright sunshine in the endless Mediterranean, so comfortable that there is nothing to say. Positano has always been the villa area of celebrities. There are four five-star hotels in a small area, two of which are luxurious five-star hotels.


Cannes, a small city famous all over the world for the film festival. The reason why this place can become the place where the richest people in the world flock. Located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Cannes has blue seas and soft sandy beaches. Many beaches are private beaches, but some can also be accessed for a fee. The French government planted many palm trees on the beach for tourists to keep cool. At the same time, they also built a 550-meter-long barrier on the seabed to prevent jellyfish from stinging on tourists. On these beautiful beaches, there are 81 bathing centers, cafes everywhere, and other facilities.

As a world-renowned tourist holiday destination, Cannes has a large number of resorts. As mentioned above, the Cannes award is inseparable from the city's comprehensive tourist facilities, and the high-quality resorts also make the city's tourism conditions more perfect. The well-designed resorts themselves also constitute Cannes's unique and unique landscape. On the contrary, Cannes's reputation as a tourist city will also bring more tourists to the resort. Therefore, the resort and the tourist city are complementary and indispensable.

The seaside resort is an extremely important presence in the PVCP Group's global resort map. The resort of Cannes on the French Riviera has naturally attracted the attention of the group. PVCP Group has four resorts in Cannes, three of which are under the Pierre & Vacances brand and one is under the Pierre & Vacances Premium brand.