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Is It Immoral To Be A Sugar Baby?

Be a sugar baby, you may lose the support of many friends or family members because of different ideas. Many people say that you don't have any right to judge whether a person's behavior is moral. As a sugar baby, you don't hurt anyone. You get something for nothing. What you pay is your time and even your body to accompany a person who needs it. Accompanying people, you are voluntary, without any coercion. When they don't know the truth at all, they make random guesses and conclude, and then judge others, which in itself is immoral. Like most things in life, sugaring is sometimes good, sometimes not so good, and since it involves humans, it varies hugely from one relationship to another.

Even if you know that sugar daddy is married, he has a complete family, and you still agree to be his sugar baby, then in a sense, many people may condemn you for not being involved in other people's families. But I want to say is that sugar daddy should be responsible for this, and sugar baby is not to enter his family and replace his wife's status. She just needs financial support. She doesn't want to destroy other's families, she has a contract with her husband, but this contract is an exchange of money, time.

Sugar baby is not a prostitute. They did not violate laws and regulations. They are different from prostitutes. They have a contract. It is a relationship based on the agreement between the two parties. It is not only sex but more companionship, not just money. It can also be a variety of gifts, and a prostitute is a simple transaction of sex and money.

Just because most people do not accept the behavior of a type of person, it is unethical to say that a type of person is immoral. Just like many people do not accept the existence of LGBTQ people, but they are real. They have also obtained legal recognition through their struggle, and have received due respect and protection. Being sugar babies, They use their time and bodies to exchange money or gifts they want with others.

Some people believe that sugar baby dating will not promote successful women's behavior. Yes, no one's success can be achieved by the giving of others. Unless you are a rich second-generation and inherited a huge inheritance, sugar babies don't want to achieve the ultimate success by owning a sugar daddy. They get through and sugar daddy date to spend a short period, tuition, rent, Christmas gifts, etc. Lots of sugar babies are in college and have higher aspirations than being an SB, and at times SDs can offer a lot other than just money, like advice and helping an SB become successful in their own right.

Many women here have stated that they felt empowerment and an increase in self-confidence from being with an older successful gentleman. Many sugar babies are students whose tuition is being paid for with sugar money. It brings both parties happiness.